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NDE Software Solutions

Software for NDE Systems,
Smart/Big Data Analysis tools,
Data Reconstruction,


Development and research, digitization and NDE 4.0, probabilistics, reliability and probability of detection (PoD), creation and harmonization of specifications, independent survey reports, and root cause analyses

NDE Systems

Selection and validation of fitting inspection methods and techniques, qualification of NDE equipment and automated systems

Your Expert

Dr. Johannes Vrana
CEO Vrana GmbH & RIVK gGmbH

Physicist with PhD in NDE
NDE expert
Led various NDE projects, like the implementation of SAFT, development of automated inspection systems, database systems for statistical evaluation, and international harmonization of specifications



NDE 4.0 2-Week Virtual

2-Week Virtual Workshop for NDE 4.0 - the fourth revolution of NDE - tailored to the needs of your company

Automated Ultrasonic Testing

Workshop/Training for Automated Ultrasonic Testing tailored to the needs of your company



NDE 4.0 YouTube Channel

Welcome to the World of NDE 4.0 March 24th 2020 the YouTube Channel regarding NDE 4.0 was started. We hope you enjoy this introduction and all following videos.

DGZfP Application Award 2019

2019-05-27 the german society for non-destructive testing (DGZfP) awarded the core team (Dr. Werner Heinrich (Siemens), Dr. Karsten Kolk (Siemens), Dr. Hubert Mooshofer (Siemens), and Dr. Johannes Vrana (VRANA GmbH)) with the application price 2019.

ASNT Annual Conference 2018

ASNT Annual Conference 2018 - what a blast! Holding three presentations, chairing and organizing three sessions and a plenary talk, participating in a panel discussion and starting the ASNT working group for NDT 4.0.


Handbook of NDE 4.0

08/2021, At Cham
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-48200-8
Publisher: Springer, ISBN: 978-3-030-48200-8

Value Creation with Cyber-Physical Loops

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 07/2021; 40(3):61
DOI: 10.1007/s10921-021-00793-7

The Core of the Fourth Revolutions

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 05/2021; 40(2):46
DOI: 10.1007/s10921-021-00777-7

NDE 4.0 Value Extraction

Materials Evaluation 07/2020; 78(7):835-851
DOI: 10.32548/